Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m surprised it took America this long.  I give you: Canwiches!

Next stop...DIABETES!

Wow.  Leave it to a venture capitalist from UTAH to create arguably the most gag-enducing thing I’ve seen since… well… the average woman from Utah.  These delectable little treats were supposed to be filling vending machines everywhere.  Personally I think they’d make ideal stocking stuffers if you have a really fat kid, or a skinny one that you would LIKE to fatten up a bit before you sell the child to Gypsies.

For some reason the ‘Canwich’, sadly, is not taking off?!?!  What’s wrong America… this is right up your artery?!  Well, if canwiches can’t get your mouth watering, here’s something you fat bastards will sink your teeth into… and its EUROPEAN so it must be good.  I give you, the Lasagna Sandwich!!

The caloric equivalent of 2 McDonald's Cheese Burgers

The Italian colours are a nice touch.  Real authentic, like mamma use to make!  Coming to us all the way from jolly ol’ England and the Tesco Supermarket chain, this abomination carries the nutritional equivalent of 2 McDonald’s Cheese Burgers.  At 570 Calories and 27.5g of fat per serving, the only thing convenient about this convenience food is how efficiently they’ve managed to pack a solid case of Type 2 Diabetes in a single container, sealed for freshness!

Looks like I’m gettin’ me a case of the SUGAH!!!

You want a crash diet? Print this article and put it on your fridge.  It’ll put you in the salad mood guaranteed.

  1. Hung Lo says:

    I want that Lasagna sammy.

  2. Tanya says:

    That is disgusting!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

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